Do I belong in this city? This body? This marriage? This religion? This family? This job? This country? This hospital? This Burger King? This social-network? This laundromat? This funeral home? Do I belong in this fan club?

Collaborators Katie Faulkner, choreographer and Artistic Director of little seismic dance company, and multimedia artist Michael Trigilio, create a dance and media response to these questions by way of an impromptu, renegade, DIY, sideshow. Commissioned by the San Francisco-based organization, Dancers' Group as part of their ONSITE series, this work, featuring 20 outstanding Bay Area dancers, was performed in multiple sites throughout downtown San Francisco. Relishing in the sometimes awkward collisions of art and commerce, media and the body, and the placement of theatrical performance in non-traditional spaces, this work will expose the many questions we carry about our own belonging in the world.

We Don't Belong Here was performed over eight nights between September 29th and October 9th, 2011.

With the support of 130 generous donors and supporters, we were able to raise over $9,000 to support our effort to pay our incredible cast of dancers. We are honored to list this roster of donors and supporters of contemporary dance with our deepest gratitude.




Aino & James Wilder
Alex Ketley
Alexis Eynon
Alisa Rasera
Andrea Chavez
Andrej Hronco
angelina nicole
anne neill
April Yee
Bea and Tom Deering
charlie cwnevn
Charlie Stack
Danielle Perez
Daria Kaufman
Dena Bermann
Doris Thielemann & Charles Hollas
Duke Kingsley
Dustin A. Sklavos
Erna Thielemann
Gary Faulkner
Ghalib Elkhalidi
Gilles Poulin-Denis
Isabelle McDaniel
Jamen Howe
Jamie Morf
Jeffrey and Nancy Funsch
Jennie ottinger
Joseph Trigilio
Joyce Evans
Joyce TiemannEvans
Kalika Gorski
Karen Gudiksen
Katherine Ferrier
Kelly Bowker
Ken & Yvette Alwyn
Kevin Haworth
Kimi Eisele
Laurel Kirby
LeE Montgomery
Leigh Riley
Lucinda Sheer
M Wilder
Malinda LaVelle
Manuelito Biag
marian h bray
marié abe
Mary Land
Maurya Kerr
Megan Kurashige
Melissa Michaud
Michelle LaVigne
Mollie & Andrew McFarland
Nadia Oka
Nancy Bulkley
Nancy Funsch
Nancy Rosellini
nancy stack
Natalie Greene
Navin Ramachandran
Pam Wilson
Peter Faulkner
Philip Bray
Raphaelle Butler
Richard Something
Salon KaoVey
Sara Lind
Sean Keany
Selby Schwartz
Seth Fleisher
Stephen Pelton
Stina Johnson
The Gouldings
tony brown
Tony Trigilio
Yukiko Honda